December 4, 2013

Emerald Green Genie Bottle Pendant

Green is not an easy color to photograph, this I learned from the pictures of my Emerald Green Genie Bottle Pendant.

I so hope your monitor/screen shows coloration similar to mine, as my camera and I sure tried our best to deliver the closest emerald green here as on the actual genie bottle.

And I was lucky enough to have found the vintage Swarovski Margarita 16-petal crystal also in emerald green to complete this beautiful genie bottle in a true monochromatic color scheme.

BTW, did you know that emerald also happens to be the birthstone of May?! ....  You're welcome:-)

Never the ordinary.

Be extraordinary.  Be the magic.

Available for purchase now in my online studio

Visit my online album for complete views of the emerald green genie bottle necklace.

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