December 15, 2013

Chainmaille Temari Pendants

I think of these as my chainmaille Temari pendants, although the die-hard maillers would perhaps insist on their technical name: Japanese Dodecahedron 10 in 3.

In any case, one thing is true:
These little balls are totally addictive!!

There is never making just one of them...

Difficult for me to use only one color; must mix them up a bit:-)

OK, so maybe just one of these in a single color... How about blue?  Very cool color, blue, that is, with a little on the indigo side... and a little on the purple side:-)

Seriously, isn't this so much more interesting than just the same shade of blue? :-)

I like using the color rings for the surface layer of the sphere, and the bright aluminum rings on the outer connections; the colors stay protected from wear, while the shiny silvery rings bring out the highlights, and echo the reflection from the glass marble in the center of the ball.


Strung on 24" smooth rubber cord, 2mm thick, closes with a dainty sterling silver clasp, the Temari pendant is just a little over 1" in diameter, perfect size for everything in your wardrobe!!

These cute chainmaille Temari ball necklaces are now available for purchase in my online studio  Thinking about different color combinations?  How about dropping me a note in the "Contact Form" to arrange for a custom order?!

More views of the necklace available in my Picasa Web album.


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