December 19, 2013

Oops Chainmaille Finger Ring

Soft, very tactile and conforming, yet strong and durable!

I have long favored Oops as my number one weave when it comes to making a chainmaille ring most representative of the unique quality of maille.

Yes, that's over 180 tiny little jump rings, opened and closed by me, with my trusted pairs of Xuron pliers, until my fingers and wrists are exhausted, eyes crossed....

No, this is not the most ring hungry project, but it is my pride and joy for the neatly lined up pattern and perfectly balanced weight distribution!  Not many other chainmaille finger rings offer such strength as well as a low profile.

Fingers itchy for a DIY?  Other than joining the ends, this is not a difficult one to make, just rather time consuming.  These are all bright aluminum rings in 20 awg, 3/32" ID.  Have fun!

More pix?  Come check out my Picasa web album!


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