December 3, 2013

Sterling Silver and Niobium - Chainmaille Mobius - Tea Rose Earrings

Yes, that's a mouthful of a name for a simple pair of earrings.  Blame it on SEO....  :-)  Any who, here they are!

Believe me this simple version is a long way coming from many experiments of regular mobius, with dozens of rings, or way too many colors.

Weeding out the extraneous is a delicate dance.  I want brilliant colors that work together, enough punch that catches attention, and the right highlights that twinkle with any hair style.

And yes, even the ear wires are coordinated!

And the result is an understated elegance, with a modern twist on the good old mobius weave.

These ready-to-bloom purple fuchsia tea roses are available for purchase in my online studio


Due to costs, I don't regularly stock precious metal items in multiples.  If you'd like to purchase this item but happened to find it sold already, please drop me a note via the "Contact Form" located in the upper right portion of this blog, or via the "Contact" button in my online studio; I'll be happy to arrange a custom order of this item for you.


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  1. These earrings are spot on. Color combinations are great. Love them.