February 3, 2014

Red Genie Bottle Pendant with Easy Change Clasp Bail

I've been asked if I make my chainmaille genie bottles for uses other than pendants; say like, key fob, zipper pull, ceiling fan switch pull, etc., etc.

Well, I'm a little protective of these babies, for their colors and shine.  The colors from anodized aluminum is sturdy but they can be scratched off against sharp objects; and the brilliant shine on the Swarovski crystals is too precious to mess with.  So, as the way this line of the genie bottles are made, key fob idea is out.

However, I see no reason why it can't be swapped out of the neck chain and be used as ceiling fan pull; or, light switch pull.  With the newly updated clasp bail, you decide how you want to carry your genie bottle!!

The stainless steel lobster clasp is very smooth, easy operation.  It will keep the unique tilt that sets it aside from others.  When used as a ceiling fan pull, the long slender tassels with blingy Swarovski crystals bring oh so much more movement and liveliness!

Want to dress up your favorite outfit, or your lamp pull??  Bring home this lovely and very talented genie bottle.

And let the magic begin!!

More views of the genie bottle?  Come visit my Picasa web album.


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