February 3, 2014

Vertebrae Finger Ring

Ring made of rings.  Circles into circles.  That's the magic of chainmaille finger rings.

Many times, I started out weaving a bracelet, or a necklace; then somehow when I wrap it around my finger......

Oh look, a perfect size for a finger ring!! :-)

Vertebrae is the name of the weave; or technically, it's known as a basic European 4 in 1 Scaled, with the "scale" referring to the smaller rings nestle inside the larger ones.  But enough of the maille-tech lingo!

Try this ring on for yourself.  It's substantial at 1/2" wide, but still nimble, fits comfortably with a low profile shank at 5/32" thick.

At ring size 7 1/2, it is a popular medium size ring for most gals, or a fashionable pinkie ring for the guys.

This ring is currently available for purchase in my online studio DaisyKreates.com.  Matching style of bracelet and pendant are also in the plan.  Stay tuned:-)

Visit my Picasa web album for more views of the ring, as well as my other handmade creations.


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