February 4, 2014

Staggered Corduroy with Japanese Overlay Bracelet

Yep, that's a mouthful for a name!  "Staggered Corduroy" is the under structure, or backside, of the bracelet; "Japanese Overlay" refers to the large and small rings combination on the top side of the bracelet, which pale blue fresh water pearls are set in.  So it's really 2 weaves in one!

Don't let the terms backside, topside fool you; they're both beautiful on its own.  Even when done without the beads, the pattern is already mesmerizing!  But setting the pearls softens the chainmaille edginess, adds an undeniable flair.

For closure, I selected one of my original design of hand forged heart shaped S hooks in anodized niobium in blue-green color fade.

As a first go around on this intricate design, I'm pretty happy with the result!  Lots of potentials!!  Very exciting!!!

Complete views of this lovely experiment available in my Picasa web album.

Thanks to Anne E. Mitchell for creating this beautiful design!

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