February 28, 2014

Two Genie Bottles in Classic Golden Mulberry

The smaller, more dainty one, in my original design.

Then the bigger, more showy one, in the second incarnation of my genie bottle design.

Both custom made for my friend Etsuko, in the same color scheme of golden mulberry that is most reminiscent of the "I Dream of Jeannie" bottle.

While I have created quite a few chainmaille genie bottles in lots of color combos, each time I completed one of these beauties, I still find myself falling in love with it all over again!

I wish I had one photo of these two side by side, so you may see how they are similar "and" different...  The next best thing, how about these two photos side by side?

I used the same colors and sizes of AA rings to weave the Whirlybirds, but in different number of rings.  Interesting to see the dramatic changes in the final sizes.

Over the time as I've experimented with incorporating other elements, such as beads, chains, wires, into my chainmaille pieces, one thing becomes clear:  Multimedia is much more than just the materials; it is even more about the techniques, and knowing when to use which material, what technique for their unique qualities and best contribution to the overall design.  Right, so glad that all the time I spent on bead-weaving and wire-wrapping, plus several other more :-) is now coming together nicely.  It's the quickening!!

For complete views of these two pieces, please check them out in
here and here.


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