November 1, 2008

After nursing a cold,

now I'm nursing my arms.

Decades of typing and clicking on computers didn't give me carpal tunnel syndrome; sure don't want it now ...

Working with heavy gauge wire takes lots more strength than I realized. I first set the goal to finish one piece of wire jewelry a day. All was fine with rings, earrings, and simple bracelets. Even the Jewel Encrusted Cuff was OK, although it took me over 2 days to do. Then one morning I woke up, my right arm felt stiff, and man, it HURTS!

Now after staying off wires and pliers for 10 days, my arms are recovering, with help of Advils and frequent hand exercises suggested by my sis Angie. (THANKS, sis!)

Maybe another few days, I should be good to wrap again. Fingers crossed ......

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