November 30, 2008

Fat Coils

These cute wire beads have been around for a long time, and I've made a few over the years. But most of them are longer than wider in proportion, not till I saw one by Linda Lemoine-Vios at San Gabriel Bead Company. I thought it was a wonderful idea to have it the same height and width, making it more of a diamond/bicone shape.

Here's my first attempt. It's all craft wire: 24" of 24ga, onto 16" of 22ga, onto 10" of 18ga, the double eye pin was an after thought, using 18ga scrap wire. These lengths are not quite right yet, making the bead lopsided, and defnitely too small.

I'm thinking maybe start with twisting 26ga to 36", coil over 20" of 22ga, onto 10" of 18ga, then center on a hammered 14ga single eye pin.

Isn't experimenting fun?

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