November 28, 2008

Danish Knot

I learned to make this little bundle of wire from here. Cute by itself or used as a component.
They are fun to make, almost addictive. I experimented with different gauges of wire and sizes of mandrels. This is the 3rd try.

Here's a comparison:
The one on the left is the first try, too loose; on the right is the 2nd, too tight, couldn't even get the final coil to thread thru. The middle one is the third try, which is "a charm" indeed.

The tutorial in the link above has a chart showing the wire gauges and ring's inside diameters (ID).
When I look at my 3rd knot closely, I can see the inside of each coil needs to accommodate at least the thickness of 6 wires, plus some wiggle room. This is one of those projects where the ratio between wire thickness and ring ID matters, kind of like fancy chain maille, but not as finicky.

This reminds me of the pure wool logo.

**** Update. April 17, 2014 ****
I'm very happy to see many of my readers finding this post worthy of their visits.  Thank you so much!!  If you have any questions, please drop a note or leave a comment here; I'll do my best to help.  BTW, I did make all these Danish knots (as well as all the handcrafted pieces on my blog site), and I did take all these photos myself, therefore I do hold the right to these photos and their uses; you're more than welcome to share with back links to my posts; and in the case if you do ask to use my photos with credits, I'd most likely be thrilled and even help you spread the words!!  So, I'd appreciate it if you don't just download them and repost them as your own in your translated "tutorials" or web pages.  That's just not cool :-(

Thank you!!

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  1. LOL! I just started making this and couldn't for the life of me thread the last wire of the last ring! I guess I need to see the aspect ratio, but the link you gave is down right now for some maintenance. I'll try later. Thanks for the link! :-)