November 25, 2008

Spring Green Necklace

A necklace matching the Spring Green earrings. Same basic techniques, except with heavier gauge wires, plus a little of Eni's Mosaic Pendant. I also slightly modified the thin wire wrapping from straight across to intermittantly right on the frame; the overall wrapping seems sturdier this way, although not as smooth as the original design. I also made the 2 spiral beads and the clasp.

The added bonus: It doubles as an eyeglass holder!

6" of 16ga SS for base, 2.5' of 26ga & 2' of 28ga SS for wrapping, 18" commercial SS chain, glass and silver beads, handmade spiral beads, jump rings, and clasp.

UPDATE, 12/6/2008:
Here's something to keep Angie company:-)

I made 2 changes:

~ The long wraps on top half of the armature was broken into two sections to help blend the beads and the wraps.

~ All the dangles were fat-wrapped to add to the randomness and asymmetrical design.