November 23, 2008

Plum Dews

No, not Mountain Dew, but plum dews. Similar to yesterday's Spring Green earrnings but with a dangling chain in the middle of the tear drop frame.
This is how I picture images of plum blossoms reflected in cold winter morning dews. Hum, maybe I could use purple crytals, or amethlyst beads?

These are fun to make, looks great on everybody. But before I try it again, really need to straighten out my wrapping; they don't look too neat ....


  1. You have vivid imagination and I like the design but the wrapping needs to re-straighten definitely.

  2. I know ... and I was wrapping too tightly which tends to make each round rise upon the previous, not to mention I didn't have any fine chain on hand ... Then, I remember what Liz Smith always says, "If you're going to be that close, you'd better be buying me dinner first!" LOL!