March 7, 2013

Byzantine Side Knots Bracelet

It has been a while since my last Byzantine chain in its classic form.  That was when my net surfing landed on another one of Scott David Plumlee's ingenious chainmaille designs: the Byzantine Side Knots.

Here is my sincere admiration, done in bright aluminum.

Seven and a half inches long, 1/4-inch wide, with interspersed Byzantine Side Knots, the chain has an unmistakable ancient feel.  The Side Knots are made of two different gauges of wire; the thicker rings define shape of the knots, while the thinner rings flair out and fill the Byzantine "chamber" with delicate threads of wire.

To echo the 3-ring "wings" inside the knots, my Byzantine units for the chain are done in 3-ring connection, instead of the common 2-ring type.

For closure, I hand forged an S hook for its low profile and ease of use, a perfect compliment for the time-tested beauty.

Bright aluminum is a light weight aluminum alloy that is strong enough for chainmaille use, and brightly polished for a clean, crisp shine; no maintenance required.  To freshen up, give it a slush in soap and water, followed by blowing drying with a hair dryer at low settings.

This item is available for purchase in my ArtFire online studio.


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