March 28, 2013

Leeloo's Orangerine Genie Bottle Pendant

Brightly orangerine (is that a word? :-), with a mind of her own, energy to spare, Leeloo made everlasting impression all over "The 5th Element"!

Meet my Leeloo, immortalized in this creation of an equally sprightly genie bottle.

Following the traditions of my 2012 line of chainmaille genie bottles, this beauty is just as vibrant and playful, its shape airy and modern, its attitude bold and vivacious!

This brand new genie bottle is built with larger crystals in a streamlined shape.  It features a brilliant Swarovski Artemis crystal in clear AB as the new bottle top, with a large vintage Swarovski Margarita crystal in Topaz AB, a rare find these days!

I upgraded the chamber portion of the genie bottle to a larger yet still delicate chainmaille whirlybird to give the pendant a substantial presence when held in your hand.

At last, but not least, the more slander tassel is now punctuated with trailing crystals at the very end, kicking up yet another level of sparkles and pizzazz!

Leeloo's genie bottle is 2 inches long, over 1 inch wide, plus a 3-inch swaying tassel, hangs on a 32-inch, 2.9 mm, stainless steel curb chain with a mischievous tilt!

Bring home this beauty today!  Let it safe guard your dreams and answer all your wishes!

My Leeloo's is available for purchase in my online studio


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