March 11, 2013

Ghenghiz Cohen Chainmaille Bracelet

If you like your jewelry bit more on the weighty side, with a bold yet airy presence, this is the one for you!

Named after the chainmaille weave, Ghenghiz Cohen bracelet is rhythm and fluidity in motion.

The perfect pairs of big and small rings, interlocking one another, forming concentric links that are soothing to the touch, hypnotizing to the eye.

To show off the mesmerizing pattern, I used thick gauge rings in jewelry brass and bright aluminum for a simple outline in the classic gold and silver tones.

This bracelet measures at 8" long, 5/8" wide, and 3/8" in thickness, weighs at just under 1 oz.

It closes with a simple toggle that blends in nicely with the pattern, and it's super easy to put on and take off. 

Interested in purchasing this bracelet?  Check it out in my online studio

Want it in different metals?  Send me a email and I can help you select a suitable combination.

About the materials

Bright aluminum and jewelry brass are both popular metals used in chainmaille jewelry. They are solid metals, so no need to worry about wearing out the surface.  Due to the copper content in jewelry brass, the gold tone will develop into a lovely patina over time when exposed to air and gives the jewelry an old world charm.  But If you prefer your jewelry bright and shiny, slush the bracelet in fresh lemon juice or white vinegar for a few seconds, and watch the tarnish disappear.  Follow with a rinse in clean water, then blow dry thoroughly with a hair dryer at low setting.  That's it, no elbow grease :-)


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