March 24, 2013

Cyberpunk Chainmaille Finger Ring

A challenge is good thing, specially when it comes to reinventing ancient coolness in a futuristic setting: Cyberpunk:-)

A stainless steel chainmaille finger ring, woven in European 4 in 1 on the bias, with brass trim, steel fringes, and blow-in-the-dark beads!  Yes, those beads glow in the dark!  Put them under a bright light source for a minute or so, take it into a dark room, and see the 8 beads (3 in front, 5 at the back) emitting pops of green light, reminiscent of fireflies in mid summer's nights!  Cute and fun!

Unlike most traditional finger rings, my Cyberpunk finger ring evokes motion as the chainmaille strip that forms the ring clearly steps up as it wraps around your finger, with offsetting ends and uneven fringes that are seemingly tapping into the unseen power flowing through the aether.

The inspiration of my design came from a gizmo called The AirMouse.  Ha ha, just as folks tease me about still tightly hanging onto my 7-year-old Palm Treo, I'm not big on the latest electronics, but I am fanatic about all things sci-fi!  Taking cues from the AirMouse (and the hand pieces created by the Ancients of the Stargate stories), my Cyberpunk ring design goes beyond just another mesh-like ring, its shape pointy, its style semi-organic, and its spirits practically out of this world.

It has been a pet peeve of mine that chainmaille finger rings must meet at least two requirements:  durability and comfort.  Let's face it, finger rings get probably the most abuse among all jewelry items.  Given the fact that chainmaille, as we construct them today, uses butted jump rings that are mostly unsoldered, I make my finger rings only with dense weaves, strong materials, and at the lowest possible aspect ratio without losing flexibility.  This ensures the ring will maintain its overall shape under your most daily stresses.

I also want my rings to be comfortable on the finger, not too bulky, not too pokey (well, unless pokey is part of objectives:-)....  Despite of its width, the wall of my Cyberpunk finger ring is less than 2.8 mm thick, that's under 1/8".  It will feel great on any finger that fits!

My Cyberpunk finger ring fits about size 8 1/4; at the widest, it measures 7/8"; on the back of ring, which is the narrower side, it's under 1/2".  The longest fringe is near 3/4" long, the shortest just over 3/8".  It is made of stainless steel, jewelry brass, and glass beads.

Available for order via my online studio

For more views of the ring, please visit my Picasa web album.

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