March 26, 2013

PawPrints Chainmaille Bracelet

Presenting another new daisykreates' original design in chainmaille:

My PawPrints bracelet!

Although the idea of paw prints is not new, and there are plenty of images symbolizing our love for our critter friends, my PawPrints design is my tribute to all the dogs and cats who have graced our land with their paw prints, and showed us the true path to enlightenment!

This design has been quite a while in the making, tracing back to my original prototype in July of 2012.  It had since gone through several experiments using other chainmaille weaves, but in the end, I came back to the classic Japanese weave for its clarity and manga-like simplicity, because ...

Less really is more!

Made with a variety of sizes and materials of jump rings, my PawPrints bracelet presents my stylized version of paw prints using nothing but round metal rings to achieve the delicate balance between strength and flexibility.

PawPrints bracelet measures at 7 1/4 inches long, 3/4 inch wide, and 3/16" thick; is made with jewelry brass, stainless steel, and bright aluminum jump rings, fastened with a plated lobster claw clasp into the large double rings of the last paw print on the other end.  Very low profile and just the right amount of weight (0.5 oz), ensuring comfortable daily wear on the wrist.

Interested in purchasing this item?  It is available for purchase in my online studio

Want your PawPrints in different materials and colors?  Leave me a message here on this post's comments section and let me help you choose a combination of your own.

Check out more views of the cutie in my Picasa web album.





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