June 13, 2013

Less is More

This time, I'm talking about backgrounds, as in props/mannequins for displaying jewelry for online photos.

Ever since I took the first photo of my handmade jewelry, I wonder how to show their best while easily relating them to how they look on me and you.

Too many hours were spent on research; too much has been invested in professional specialty displays; still nothing close to what I imagined to be "user friendly", until now..............

Yes, you saw that right!  It's a photo of a woman's face from the side, sized and printed in life size, with a small hole thru the ear lope position to approximate the typical pierced ear.  I did turn the photo into black and white, because the earrings are already a colorful one.

Now, I put the ear wire thru the small hole, lean the paper against a sturdy object, add lights and camera, then


What do you think?  Easy, peasy, right? !!!  Granted, there was some image manipulation involved, and several printings to make sure the face and ear images on paper are about average adult sizes.  Clever, huh?!

I can't take credit for this idea.  I got it from my dear sister's good friend, Alice.

Thank you, Alice!!


  1. This is BRILLIANT!!!!!!! I hope you don't mind, but I think I will do something along this line for my earrings as well. Taking good pics of them has always been such a pain.

  2. Sure thing, Wirewear! Go for it!
    I'm not the first one that came up with the idea; it came from a friend's suggestion:-) Just make sure the background image you selected doesn't have copyright issue for you.
    Have fun!