June 16, 2013

Japanese Dodecahedron Earrings in Silver Monochrome

Wikipedia describes "Dodecahedron" as "any polyhedron with twelve flat faces".  That doesn't quite fit the image of my Japanese dodecahedron (or, JD, for short) earrings....  because these earrings are all silver in color, light weight, and 100 percent sassy adornment to any face:-)

Measuring under 3/4 inch wide, and 2 1/2 inches long from tip of ear wire to bottom of tassels, these earrings are mid-length in profile, with spheres as focal design.  They are just the right size for weekdays and weekends; the monochromatic scheme fits day wear and evening wear; the Swarovski crystals sparkle discretely be it formal or casual.  They are the multi-function, super darling accessory you'll reach for time and time again!

To limit the weight, I selected bright aluminum jump rings to construct the surface of the sphere.  This also allows for the slightly heavier stainless steel tassels below the sphere to maintain a taut outline of the overall piece.  Yes, it is true that the devils are in the "engineering" detail when it comes to chainmaille jewelry:-)

The JD earrings are available for purchase in my online studio DaisyKreates.com.  Hope to see you there!

For complete views of the earrings, please visit my Picasa web album.

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