June 19, 2013

Moon Rabbit Key Fob

Heard of the Chinese Moon Rabbit stories before?  No?  Google it.  For example, check on this one, or  if you  read Chinese, check on the wiki entry on this one.  Interesting, huh!  I've heard of these stories since childhood; great starting point for lots of design ideas!

This is after several incarnations since the prototype.

I know, it's highly abstract.  But there's enough for the imagination to work with:-)

Made of thick gauge anodized aluminum and bright aluminum rings, the bunny is sturdy enough to hold its shape; but the head, the long ears, and the fluffy tail can all move along the body rings, giving the bunny different poses and looks.

And the little bell will charm just enough to help you find your key chain when it's sitting at the bottom of your purse:-)  Ha ha ha!  I've always needed that!!!

This little cutie is available for purchase in my ArtFire shop.  Hope to see you there!

Visit my Picasa web album for complete views of my Moon Rabbit Key Fob.

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