July 2, 2013

Tale of Two Leans of Half Persian 3 in 1

Did you ever feel totally confused about the handedness or leans of Half Persian 3 in 1 (HP3in1)?  I did.  I tried many tutorials, videos, read up on books, trying to compare one with another, each time I get turned left and right (yes, pun intended) with occasional success, and I often count those to luck, until when I read through this article by Talia on MAIL really really carefully.  Then I got it!

In the spirit of sharing this with my readers, here's what I documented (as well as in a reply to a question on MWW recently).

----- The basics of HP3in1 with different leans -----

Given HP3in1 has 2 rows, with one row always stacks the same way, you just reverse the other rows when you need a different lean.

That's it!  It's that simple!

To illustrate it, I took some pictures to show how I do it.  I'm right handed and worked these samples from left to right.  When I started, rings of upper row stacked to the back as I built the chain; then starting from the copper ring, I stacked the upper row rings to the front. Then you can pull down (or turn down, or unfold) right side of rings, you get pictures 2, 3, 4 with opposite leans of HP3in1; now you may connect two ends as you wish.

Happy weaving!

or, should it be
Happy learning?!



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