July 14, 2013

Confused Chameleon Bracelet

No, I didn't make up the name.  It's called "Confused Chameleon", that's the name of the weave, see for yourself.

Does a close-up help?

I don't know the back story of the weave name, but I do see those big old, somewhat dazed looking eyes, not to mention the whole 7" length can also be contracted back down to 4"!  That would qualify for a chameleon of some sort:-)

I think they are very cute, either way!

I found this weave on M.A.I.L. by accident, and I don't remember what I was looking for when this weave showed up.

It's one of those unruly looking weaves no matter how you look at it; it says so in the weave description: "... highly chaotic-looking weave, even when it is consistent"!

Cool!  I like those!

Turned out, once I got going, the pattern becomes obvious.  Do you see it now?  It's a very "touchable" kind of bracelet ....

.... the kind you want to feel it, hold it, try it on for yourself.

I'd describe it as "lacy, festive, attention-grabbing"!

With the tube slider clasp, the bracelet will fit up to 7 1/2".

If you prefer your bracelet to be on the weighty side, the shiny jewelry brass jump rings give you plenty of that.  Brass will tarnish over time, but the shine can be brought back easily by a few quick dips in household white vinegar.

This cute little chameleon bracelet can be made to order via my online studio DaisyKreates.com.

Complete views of this little critter is in my Picasa web album.  Please come by for a visit!


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