July 25, 2013

Double Half Persian 3 in 1 Bracelet in Mixed Metals

Not just doubled as in "kinged".  And no, doubling a Half Persian doesn't make it a "Full" Persian, at least no in chainmaille land.

This is "doubling" as in "layering", emphasizing the "stacking" effect of Persian weaves.

Very tactile.  Somewhat lacy, but sturdy enough to feel like a rope.

Not a particularly difficult weave either, just tricky to start, as usual with many Persian weaves, specially when the ring size is way bigger than the classic Half Persian 3 in 1.

From the side, it looks kind of feathery.

and the bottom (or valley) side is still wider than the top.

Very supple.  Both feminine and masculine.  A classic modern!



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