July 11, 2013


You know what people say about things they don't understand.....  "That's strange..."  Got your attention, didn't it? :-)  It did for me!

It looks a bit strange (duh!), but in a very attractive way:-)  Saw several gorgeous bracelets made in the weave, looked almost like fuzzy loops out of yarns.  I want one!

So last night, I set out for my first go at Strangemaille; I was aiming for a short test strip.  It was rather easy, to my surprise.  So I kept going.  Wow, this weave is additive!  I couldn't stop!  Went for nearly 4 inches when it happened again, my eternal nemesis:  Running out of rings!  Ugh!

So I broke off a section of the strip, counted a few multiples of 3 center rings, decided to connect it end to end for a finger ring, instant gratification, right?!  But ahh.....  (you may have guessed it) The connecting part took me longer than learning and making the 4-inch strip!!

Lucky for me, when I nearly decided to give up and call it a night, it clicked!  Like a zipper!!

Not exactly prim and proper, more funky and loopy, LOL!!

It definitely is not as thin as a Oops ring would feel, but still pretty comfy on the finger, about the size of a chunky pinkie ring.  I'm very happy with this:-)

This ring is now available for purchase in my online studio DaisyKreates.com.  Please come by a visit.

As to the rest of that test strip?  I put a pink drop bead on one end, a simple bail of triple rings on the other, and turned it into a funky little pendant!

More pictures of the pendant to come in my future blog entry.  Please stand by! :-)

(I noticed how many times I used the word "funky" here; it's either it really is very funky, or I should expand my vocabulary beyond "funky"....:-) )

Complete views of the "Strange" stuff, please visit my Picasa web album.

~~~~~ Credits ~~~~~

Strangemaille is a weave by lorenzo on M.A.I.L.  To learn how to make this weave, I followed this tutorial by hysteria101, an excellent article.  Several inspiring work there as well as on M.W.W.

up, down, middle, up, down, middle, up down, middle....


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