November 23, 2010

Tetra Orb Earrings

This is a pair a earrings you'll want to wear everyday! They are light weight, fun, and swaaaag along with your every step.

I use bright aluminum jump rings to construct the Tetra Orbs and the short chains.  Inside each orb, I placed a 6mm Swarovski crystal in Capri Blue.  The ear wires are surgical steel.  The pair measures exactly 2 inches long from tip of ear wire to bottom of orb, and each orb is 3/4 inch across from ear to ear.


All bright aluminum rings; any small rings will most likely do for the chains; the orbs will require rings of AR 6.5 and up.  The gauge used here is 18swg, so 1.2mm.  The inside bead can be fairly big, so long as it will fit.  I won't use beads that are too too small, cuz they'll fall out, obviously:-)  However, if you string several small beads onto a wire or large AR jump ring, you could stuff the rings of beads inside just as you would with one large single bead.  Cool, huh?!

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