November 23, 2010

Asynchronous Orbits Earrings

Cute and fun!  My Asynchronous Orbits Earrings are one of a kind; well, for now, until I get my hands on some more anodized niobium rings and a few pairs of big and small silver rings:-)

The earrings are a study in Mobius weave.  You get a chainammille mobius when you keep threading the next ring thru the common center of all previous rings.

Most mailler use the same size rings to construct a mobius.  This simplest form of weaving can create fantastic chains and sheets.  But I was thinking, what if the rings are not the same size, or not even the same gauge?  Can they still form mobius?  If so, what would it look like?  It's often this kind of thinking that gets me in trouble; or in this case, stumble into an intriguing pattern.

Not obvious at the first glance, the silver rings may look like stylized rose buds.  Since these are earrings, those who are wondering can't easily see close enough to dissect the weave.  Unless they look real close; but then, like my beading teacher Liz Smith said, "If you're going to look that close, you'd better be buying me dinner first!"


Anodized niobium rings from C&T Designs, WD 1.0mm, ID 3.4mm.  Sterling silver rings are spares from Spiderchain's Serpentine necklace kit, WD 1.6mm for the big one, 1.2mm for the smaller ones.  The actual ID doesn't matter much here; the key is they must not be the same sizes while they're not too far apart either to maintain a mobius' center.

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