November 22, 2010

Kimiko Necklace

Kimiko, name of a lovely little lady in a lovely little city in a lovely little colony.  Yep, if you're a die hard BSG fan like me, you'd know what I'm talking about:-)

In case you're not, I won't hold it against you, just maybe a little sad that you missed out on the best story ever on TV...

OK, anyway, let's start over.

Kimiko is a lovely little pendant, in all shades of fuchsia strung on a lovely little sterling silver chain.  Done in Japanese weave pattern, this sphere shape is also known as Japanese Dodecahedron 5-in-2.  Its large inner chamber is perfect for a little hidden treasure, such as a clear Swarovski® crystal that, when light passes through it, sends out sparkles of pink, violet, and purple. Additionally, I mixed in a few sterling silver rings on the surface of the sphere, to echo the sterling venetian box chain.  This is one lovely little trinket you'll want to see and be mesmerized every time you wear it!


Anodized niobium rings in fuchsia mix, WD 1.0mm, ID 3.4mm from C&T Designs.  Sterling silver rings are also 1.0mm, ID 3.2mm, hand cut by me with my trusty jeweler's saw.  Inside the sphere is an 8mm Swarovski® crystal, faceted rondelle (5040) in clear 2xAB.  The chain is a US-made, 24", 1.2mm venetian box chain.

Thank you for stopping by. See you again soon!

p.s. Just in case you're still wondering what I was babbling about BSG: I'm designing a line of BSG inspired jewelry.  I was fascinated by the storyline and
totally enjoyed watching the entire show.
These jewelry pieces are not endorsed by anyone related to BSG, and are
not intended to infringe upon any of BSG rights. I'm an admirer,
showing appreciation for the best TV program EVER! If any official BSG
representative feels otherwise, please let me know; the last thing I
want from this line is to upset the BSG creation.


So, starting from the pilot (see "Are You Alive?"), with each episode, I create a piece of daisykreates-original handmade jewelry with inspirations taken from the name of the episode, a line in the episode, a scene, an act, or whatever.  The Kimiko necklace is a tribute to the little satellite from "Water" of Season 1, where Boomer found the precious, although frozen, water hidden deep in layers of ice.  Crashdown named the satellite "Kimiko, after a lovely little lady in a lovely little city in a lovely little colony!"  Now you know:-)

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