November 26, 2010

Tetra Orb Shoulder Duster Earrings

Another pair of Tetra Orb earrings.  These are addictive.  Fun to make, goes everywhere!

These are super long, shoulder duster long, perfect for the holiday gathering or a holiday day shopping trip:-)

The orbs are super airy.  The stainless steel rings are doubled on all "ears" around the orb for extra sturdiness.  Inside each orb is a SW crystal.  The long sterling silver chains and blue sequins put the total length at 4 inches!  Oh they sway, they sparkle, and they just wanna have fun, like you:-)


Stainless steel rings, 0.8mm, ID 4.76mm, from B3.  SW crystals are 6mm style 5000 in clear AB.  Fine chains are sterling silver.  Sequins are.... well whatever small, sparkly thingy will do.  I picked violet blue here to match the blue sequins on my blue sweater top:-)

So, what's the color of your sequins sweater? :-)

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