November 25, 2010

'33' Watch Bracelet - BSG Inspired

'33' - As in, "Every 33 minutes, the Cylons find us."

'33' is the very first episode of BSG season 1, and my favorite!  Talk about being on the edge of my seat, feeling the extreme fatigue of having no sleep for 5 days straight running for your life....  I was exhausted just from watching it.

front view

When I set out for a design that captures the episode, in my head I had the scenes of multiple watches, clocks, digital, analog, flashing, all marked at 33 minutes.  Do you see it?

back view

side view

Made in European 4-in-1 in circular form with Persian edging.  The bright aluminum, copper, and bronze rings give this 'watch face' an interesting asymmetry.  It's clearly not half-half, but more of a 5/7 split.  The front and back sides are slightly different in looks because of the severe tension held by the double ring Persian edging.  I improvised the smaller rings on the outer rim to stabilize the plane.

Now comes the fun part, the watch band.  I want something that looks a lot like a common metal watch band, while still coordinates with the watch face.  I stayed within Euro family but this time in scale form as in 8-in-2, plus small double ring connectors running down each edge.

However, the rings used here are with much smaller ARs than required for typical Euro 8-in-2.  That's why the left strip slightly overlap the right strip, allowing the center strip to look more dominant.

Then comes the closure.  I tried so many, but none looked right.  They are either too tight, too loose, too flimsy, or too bracelet-like.

As this "watch" sat in idle for months waiting for a closure, I stumbled upon a box clasp on Rio Grande.  This simple box clasp not only is the perfect size, 2-connector style, but it has "cut corners', or octagon shaped!!  That's totally BSG!

btw, I had tried to make a box clasp myself using wire.  Not working, even with memory wire.  The spring mechanism is the key to a box clasp, and I still haven't found a way to duplicate that function with wire.  A bit disappointed... Well, no fear.  As a prototype in shape and size, I'm still pleased.

So, what do you think?  Does it look like a watch that's permanently pointing at 33?

Postscript:  Since the watch face has sat on my table for a while, it's starting to tarnish naturally.  Notice the slightly different colors of bronze and copper?  The large double rings are bronze and tarnish bit slower than copper in the back.  Didn't plan on it, but now I know:-)

Note to readers:

I create the BSG-inspired line of jewelry solely as a challenge to myself to design/create within a theme. I'm fascinated by the storyline and totally enjoyed watching the entire series from day 1 back in 2003. These jewelry pieces are not endorsed by anyone related to BSG, and are not intended to infringe upon
any of BSG rights. I'm just an admirer showing appreciation for the best TV program EVER! If any official BSG representative feels otherwise, please let me know; the last thing I want from this line is to upset the BSG creation.

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